Sunday, January 31, 2010

Master's Log For February 2010

Master’s Log
February 2010
Isn’t it amazing how quickly the store decorations change? Before all of the Christmas decorations were put away, the stores had turned from green and white to pink and red. After all, Valentine’s Day was just around the corner. Everything is rushed as the secular world discards the old and presents the new. Sometimes the liturgical world also seems a bit rushed. After all, the Easter Season is almost upon us as Ash Wednesday falls on February 17th this year. What happened to Ordinary Time?
Just as the secular and liturgical worlds are busy, the same can be said for the Columbian Year. It is also VERY BUSY. Much has been accomplished, and yet we find ourselves busier than ever. We are deeply involved with the Renewal of Obligations Ceremonies, rehearsals for the exemplification will be in full force, and we are all busy with recruiting candidates to become members of the highest degree in the Order-the Fourth Degree. The District Exemplification Degree Team, under new Directorship is starting to rehearse, the District Choir is beginning their work for the Exemplification to learn the new music and the Assemblies are readying their members to help us put on the Exemplification. Many of us will be in meetings and planning for the 2010 Supreme Convention in Washington DC in July, 2010. But I beg you all never to forget that we as Fourth Degree Knights have the obligation to work with our Councils to ensure a stronger Order by asking our Catholic men to become members in our order during the Council Membership Blitz this year. But let’s not stop there. Membership is ongoing and we MUST do our part. Keep in mind, a Fourth Degree Knight cannot be realized unless we recruit and follow a member from the First Degree through the Third. Please help them serve with us as we go about “Building our Communities through Service, Charity, Unity, Fraternity, and Patriotism.”
We keep busy. We continue to work with overturning Roe vs. Wade as we Marched for Life last month, and we are working hard to ensure that God stays in the forefront of our life by fighting to keep “One nation Under God” in our pledge, just to name a couple. Before you know it, we will have State Conventions, Election of Officers and the chance to do it all over again. With so many strings pulling us in all directions, how do we know which way to lean and which path to resist? What happened to the quiet and reflective time? How can I support my council, my assembly, my family, my job, my community, my church, and so much more?
First of all, concentrate on the spiritual and try to determine God’s will for you. Select a Lenten devotion or spiritual exercise and focus on doing that well rather than trying to do too much, or “giving up something for Lent”. Focus next on the family, especially children and grandchildren. Try to see things with the eyes of a young child. There is much less confusion in their eyes. Focus on the little things like snowflakes, rainbows, baby’s fingers, bugs under rocks, the beauty of a fresh snowfall. Take a look at the trees outside your home and see them void of leaves but yet soon to be in full bloom of many beautiful colors. Look at some of the pictures of deep space taken with the Hubble Telescope, and wonder at the awesome beauty of continuous creation.
If we take care of God and Family, then God will take care of us. Somehow He will provide the Grace and energy needed to face the other demands on our lives. With His help we will find a few good Knights, the Exemplification will be another great success, and we will find time to have fun and laugh at the nagging little inconsistencies of life.
Pray for our Brother Knights and family members sick or in distress. Remember always and keep in your prayers – all of our service men and woman, especially those in harm’s way. We are and will always be One Nation Under God, but it does come at a price. God Bless America and God Bless you and your families!